About Training & Lessons
Jesse Rivera has been training horses for nearly 20 years. In 1991 he started attending professional paso fino training seminars and has continued his education through clinics and private lessons. While specializing in the gaited breeds he has trained Quarter Horses, Arabians, Andalusians, Lusitanos, Spanish Barbs, Mustangs, Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds. Jesse has learned from all the horses he has trained and is actively involved in all equine activities. twostar

OUR TRAINING PHILOSOPHY:We remain receptive to a variety of techniques and incorporate the different schools that blend with the personal skills or preferences of our customers. We do not advocate techniques belonging exclusively to one school of thought; however, we do believe in keeping focus within one theme: natural horsemanship.


RATES--Training & Lessons

TRAINING--does not include board
Monthly--5 days week
$ 275.00
April thru September
Monthly-5 days week/WINTER RATES
$ 250.00
November thru March
Monthly--4 days week
$ 220.00
Riding 4 times a week
Monthly--3 days week
$ 175.00
Riding 3 times a week
Monthly--2 days week
$ 140.00
Riding 2 times a week
Monthly--1 day week
$ 80.00
Riding one time a week
Private Personalized Lesson
$ 50.00
1 hour on personal horse--trainer may ride
Semi-Private Lesson
$45.00 per person
One hour lesson and/or trailriding
Group Lessons
$ 40.00 per person
One hour lesson and/or trailriding


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