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The gait of the Paso Fino is a natural, evenly spaced four-beat gait. The sound of the hoof beats are absolutely even in cadence and impact. The Paso propels itself primarily from the hind legs while the motion is absorbed in its back and loins. That is why there is no bounce when riding as there would be at the trot or jog of other breeds.

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The Paso Fino gait is performed at three speeds. The slowest is the Classic Fino where the horse is fully collected; the footfall is extremely rapid while the steps are very short. This gait is used for show purposes. The moderate speed gait is the Paso Corto. It covers ground similar to the trot and is the average gait for trail. The fastest speed is the Paso Largo. The speed of the Largo will vary depending on the horse's extension. The Paso Fino can walk, trot, canter and gallop like any other horse but most riders find that the horse’s natural way of going is much more fun and comfortable.

IXL offers a variety of outstanding Paso Finos for sale

Mares, Fillies and Geldings

Other than an occasional broodmare package we we sell only trained horses. The horses are ridden extensively on the trails (on and off the ranch). We offer free lessons on a purchased horse until you become comfortable, confident and successful with your new Paso Fino.

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